How To Sand A Deck With A Drum Sander?- 9 Simple Instructions

Your wooden floor needs a major improvement. But you are out of budget; because the hourly drum sander rental price and labor charge are tough to afford.

What will you do now? Sacrifice the labor cost. Means Do It Yourself (DIY). Wait! There is a problem.

Since you are new to this game, the renovation process may be time-consuming. It can be a day or week to do the job. Will you pay $285 for a week or $100 per day?

You don’t need to. This article will help you to save all those $ by spending only $46. Read how to sand a deck with a drum sander.

Here you will find 9 super simple instructions. This guide will prepare you to sand your floor within 20 minutes. Don’t miss the Faq section; bonus instruction is there!

9 Simple Instructions:

Your deck sanding will be smoother when you learn to use a drum sander. These 9 instructions will help you to prepare for the drum sanding.

1. Installation of Sandpaper

Preparation is your first task. To start it, you should choose the right grit. Here are the grit instructions

100 to 120 grit is a “fine” type. This is recommended for finishing, cleaning, and removing watermarks and spots.

80 is medium grit. It is used on bare wood to prepare for varnish.

40 to 60 coarse grit. Best for removing debris and grime with minimal effort.

24 to 30 grit. It is best for hardwood sanding.

Choose the desired paper. Next, you will install it in the center of the drum. Don’t forget to close the drum door.

2. Machine Connection:

Once you are prepared, it is time to connect the machine. Use a 20-amp fused and grounded circuit. You will find this in the bathroom or kitchen.

3. Machine Rolling Process:

This stage is a bit tough for the newbies. Follow the instructions below.

Start to roll from the starting point (check the Faq for further information)

Keep the control lever “üp” position.

Never allow the drum to contact the floor till you are prepared.

Keep the selector switch in the “S” position.

When you run the machine, return the switch in the “R” Position.

4. Feather cut in the process:

Let me clear the process first. It indicates the proper way of deck sanding. For a perfect sanding, remember the phrase “start slow.”

Here is the expert feather cut process. Forward the drum, then try to control the lever slowly. Let the drum do the job. When it gets at the edge, pull off the drum. Repeat the process backward.

5. Lever Controlling

I know the previous job may take time to grab. Don’t worry. This section can help you to learn it faster. Let me share that.

Remember how the airplane takes off and down? Lever controlling is like that. You just need to stay on the pace.

Adjust the “up and down” process with speed. The floor surface will be smooth for this procedure. Otherwise, there are high chances to see the stop mark.

6. Machine Moving Direction:

You are now consistent by far. Time to know the machine moving direction. Move it over the grain surface. Keep the pace running during the total time.

7. Melting Down Slowly:

Each time you clean up the grain, remember to slow down at the end. This is called melting down. It will show you the place to put the EdgerEdger.

8. Selector Switch Instruction:

There are three switch selectors, start, return and stop. Use the “O” button whenever you are done. One more thing; unplug every time you change the sandpaper.

9. Bag Cleaning Process:

Never ever keep the bag full. Always clean it up when it is ⅓ filled up. If it exceeds the limit, there is a chance of explosion. Even the machine will stop working.


Now you know how to use the drum sander. It means you know 70% of floor deck sanding. The rest of the 30% is here.

What is the best drum sanding rule?

Trust me! Drum sanding is easy if you know the science. Simple! Remember these rules

Never leave the sander while running. It will make a deep trench.

Decide the pace and follow that consistently.

Divide your deck into two parts. And move at a 45-degree angle each time. It will equalize the total finishing.

Which is the best place to start for drum sanding?

Start from the left wall. This is the best place to keep the measure right. Never start from the middle; you will be puzzled at the end.

Do you need Edger for a deck sanding?

It is wise to keep an edger; because the drum sander cannot reach out the edge. It will leave a mark which may reduce the shine of your room. To avoid this, I prefer to use an Edger.

What safety equipment should you take for deck sanding?

Mask, safety glasses, hearing protection, and gloves. Keep these near at your hand. And don’t forget to wear the safety measure. Why is it essential?

The sound of drum sand during floor sanding is too high. It can damage your listening power. Like that, the dust can cause breathing problems. Wear a mask to avoid this. Next, the gloves will save your hands from potential injury…

Is moisture check essential before sanding the deck?

 Yes, moisture checking can help you to do the job faster. Here is the simple tip. Keep the moisture level 13 to 14% for a better sanding result.

Final Words

You have read a blended-learning outcome. Look! If you know how to use a drum sander, you certainly know the way of deck sanding.

That’s what I tried to show you in the entire article. Moreover, there is another reason to share the ways of instruction. Saving your $. Home Depot offers $46 for 4 hours. Knowing the proper drum sanding can save your time. Means saving your bills.

So, share how to sand a deck with a drum sander with your friend. Let them remember you for this beautiful support. By the way, don’t forget to share your opinion.

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