How to Sand Hardwood Floors with Orbital Sander? – Learn and Save your Money

How to Sand Hardwood Floors with Orbital Sander

When it comes down to sanding hardwood floors, orbital sanders are what comes first. They are widely available, portable, reasonably priced, and extremely easy to use, these are reasons why people tend to fall towards orbital sander. However, after a while, even a new floor can start looking dull, and there is no getting around … Read more

How to Use a Belt Sander? Easiest Way Described

How to Use a Belt Sander

Who wastes time now by doing manual sanding? Belt sanders have sorted the woodworker’s life a bit more. Now sanding wood pieces are way too easy with a belt sander. However, though they are of good use, they are not widely used in woodworking. Woodworkers often don’t use this device. That being said, when sanding … Read more