How to Remove Deep Scratches from Stainless Steel?

In our everyday household works, stainless-steel-made products are quite common. Starting from the kitchen sink to your refrigerator and microwave, stainless steel exists. They are very popular for their sleek look and excellent durability.

But there’s good news and bad news, so which one would you like to hear first? Well, I assume the bad news. So, the bad news is they tend to catch scratches often when handling our everyday activity, and you wouldn’t appreciate that look.

And the good news is hurrah! You can get rid of them pretty easily, even with deep scratches. In today’s article, we will learn how to remove deep scratches from stainless steel. So, let’s get on with it.

Things to Consider Before You Kick-Off:

Before you start the cleaning process, you need to make sure that the steel is actually stainless, not some clean coated or simulated one. Here’s how you check:

  • An easy way of checking is using a magnet. Stainless steel is non-magnetic, so the magnetic attraction won’t work on it.
  • You can touch the steel with your hand and see if there’s any fingerprint visible or not. If yes, then you can be sure it’s stainless.
  • Stainless steel usually has a brushed finish

First of all, you should clean the area properly where the scratches are by using white vinegar and clean water. Then take a fresh cloth and wipe off the water. While doing it, be sure that you run the cloth by following the direction of the grain; otherwise, you’ll cause further damage.

Things You Will Require:

  • Clean Microfiber Cloths
  • Water
  • Scratch Removal Compound
  • Scratch Removal Kit

Removing Fine Scratches:

When removing fine scratches, we would recommend you using a non-abrasive compound. Such as copper cleaner or bar keeper’s friend. You may also use whitening toothpaste.

Step 1:

You should add sufficient water when using a powdered compound. Dripple the water carefully so that you can make a paste roughly like toothpaste. If you want to use a cream-based compound, then move on to the following step.

Step 2:

Put a little bit of scratch removal on a clean microfiber cloth. Then stroke it sides to side over the scratch. Continue the process until the scratches are gone completely. The most common mistake people tend to make here is they rub the cloth harshly, thinking the scratches will go away quickly.

But instead of buffing it off, they actually end up ruining the stainless coating over the steel completely. This can’t be fixed anymore, so be careful with that.

Step 3:

Clean the surface gently using a clean microfiber cloth. Make sure that there is no compound residue left on the surface. Use another fresh microfiber cloth to wipe off any remaining drops of water. Now, you are supposed to have a clean surface of your stainless-steel component.

Removing Deep Scratches:

We know how disappointing it might look when you get deep scratches on your glossy stainless-steel component. But they can be removed easily by using steel scratch removals such as Cookware Scratch Removal or Scratch B Gone. They generally have a polishing compound and a pair of abrasive pads.

To get back that previous glossy look on your stainless-steel component, you will have to put a bit more effort here. Before starting the cleaning process, we would suggest you read the manufacture’s guidelines.

Step 1:

First of all, read the manufactures guideline you have got with the kits. Recognize the lines of grains in the stainless-steel.

Step 2:

Find the proper grit pad that you were instructed to apply, then knead the scratch with grain following a single direction only. Go back and forth gently to rub off those scratches. Don’t be abrasive with it, as it may cause irreparable damage to your stainless-steel. Apply only adequate pressure.

Step 3:

Now, pick up the smoother grit pad and go on with the wiping process. Add water and any compound if necessary. Then use a microfiber cloth to wipe off any remaining compounds or water and enjoy the view of your glossy stainless steel again. Congratulations! you have accomplished the mission.

Removing Deep Scratches from Electronics:

Electronic products are an essential component of our everyday life. However, with time and continuous use, they often catch rust, which can lead to permanent damage. But the good news is you can stop it by doing regular maintenance and cleaning. Even if you end up getting some scratches on your stainless-steel electronic component, there’s a solution. You will find plenty of products which are made for performing such tasks. Let’s get onto the details:

Materials We Will Need:

  • Vinegar
  • Commercial Cleanser
  • A moist towel
  • Power Paste

When it comes to removing scratches from your refrigerator, a power paste and cleanser can come really handy. We would suggest you getting the paste as it doesn’t require any hampering.

The Process:

  • First, rub the paste over the area where you see deep scratches by using a moist towel.
  •  Remember, when you are rubbing the paste on the scratched area, do it by following a single direction of the grin.
  • Keep scrubbing with the towel over the scratched area as long as those scratches aren’t gone completely.
  • Use a moist cloth to clean the area

You can also use vinegar instead of using any cleanser. The removal process is the same. If none of those methods works, which is pretty unlikely, then you can use wet sandpaper. However, we would suggest you get it done by following the first two methods; using sandpaper in the wrong way can damage your steel at times.

Final Words

To keep your home’s stainless-steel-made appliances clean and glossy, you must do their regular maintenance. Don’t use cheap cleaning products as they might damage your component badly. It can even cause damage to your skin if it gets in contact.

And you should always read the manufactures guideline with products before using them. We hope our article helped you to learn how to remove deep scratches from stainless steel. That’s all for today. See you next time.

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