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Best Sander for Removing Paint

Imagine you are trying to remove the paint from an old painted wall of your house. And after a while, you notice that your face is full of dust and it’s even hard to see what’s in front also it’s becoming difficult to breathe. Yep! Buddy, that’s what happens when you choose the wrong sander for your project.

We often face a great deal of trouble when removing paint from our walls, car, or hardwood floors. The process could get a bit tricky, however; if you have the right tools then you may turn the tide. Especially, removing paints from walls is not child’s play.

So, unless you want to that dust all over your face and injure your respiratory system like that buddy above; you must know what the suitable sander is for you. But don’t be worried, we are here for you buddy. We will help you to find the best sander for removing paint. Let’s get started.

Top 5 Sanders for Removing Paint:

We came up with some useful guides for you so that you can choose the right sander for your project. Down below, we will walk you through some of the best sanders for removing paint:

1. Dynabrade 56815 Dynorbital Sander

Product Specification

  • Manufacturer: Dynabrade
  • Model no:56815;
  • Motor: ¼ hp;
  • No-load speed: 12,000 RPM;
  • Air Flow Rate (SCFM): 14 psi;
  • Weight:2.4lbs;

The Dynoorbital Supreme Sander was built to exceed your expectation. It comes with a refined ergonomic design and the highest quality abrasive power tools you can find in the market. You will see MADE IN USA proudly presented on every pneumatic tool package.

It offers the highest RPM in the industry when you are working on work surfaces. For both vertical and horizontal applications, it performs pretty well. You won’t find any problem while working on stuff like woods, fiberglass, and sheet metal.

A refined ergonomic tool grip will make sure your comfortable experience while working. This feature is gonna benefit you in two different ways. Firstly, you will not have to deal with fatigue anymore while working for long hours. Secondly, the low-vibration design will increase the efficiency significantly.

This orbital sander comes with a new one-hand speed control system which will allow you to regulate the tool speed just by using your thumb. A color-coded auto-recess throttle lever will eliminate the pressure point on your palm while operating.

The design is perfectly balanced and features a weight-mated sanding pad. You will get premium urethane pads in a single-piece hub design. It will be safe from the cold air as it comes with a cold air exhaust feature. The innovative design of its vacuum port will seize the dust and debris.

Though this is a single-speed sander, it delivers really high speed. So, when it comes to choosing which paper you are going to use on what surface you have to be a little more cautious.


  • Lightweight
  • Budget-friendly
  • User-friendly Design


  • Requires an individual dust collector

2. Makita 7-Inch Vertical Sander

Product Specification

  • Manufacturer: Makita;
  • Model no: GV700C;
  • Motor: 7.9 amp;
  • No-load speed: 2,500-4,700 RPM;
  • Power Source: Corded Electric;
  • Weight:4.6lbs;

The majority of the paint remover we have presented here is of 5 inches size. But if you are looking for some extra speed in your work progress then this Makita 7-Inch Vertical Sander can be your trump card.

However, keep that in mind, this sander won’t give you a magical performance when doing multi-tasking from clearing the paints to polish. And the reason is it doesn’t have enough speed to do swirl-free smoothing of any kind of surfaces

This machine is perfectly balanced which will give a great advantage when doing day-long projects. It will perform pretty elegantly with its weight as the motor is positioned right above its pad. You won’t have to put further pressure on it.

We highly appreciate its electric speed control feature. This feature will allow you to maintain speed under load. Its soft-start feature gently brings the tool to speed.

Its speed range has a limitation, however, it is variable. It comes with valuable accessories with it and that’s gonna come in very handy. And it won’t decrease the weight of your wallet as you will get it under a reasonable price.


  • Well balanced
  • Enlarged Pad Size
  • High Durability


  • Not good for demanding projects;

3. Bosch Power Tools Electric Orbital Sander:

Product Specification

  • Manufacturer: Bosch;
  • Model no:1250DEVS;
  • Motor: 6.5 amp;
  • No-load speed: 270- 600 RPM;
  • Power Source: AC;
  • Weight:7.3lbs;

The Bosch Power Tools Electric Orbital Sander arrived in the market as a real game-changer. It comes with two different modes; you can switch to any of the two depending on your requirement.

For doing normal paint removal you have to use the random orbit mode. It is a bit slower but you may use it when it comes to performing a fine finish. The second mode is called “turbo” driven eccentric orbit mode; this mode is used for aggressive paint removal.

Compare to the first mode the second mode is 5 times faster. And you may switch the modes pretty easily just by flipping the lever.

It comes with an amazingly powerful motor. There are two different speed settings; one is 270-600 RPM and the second one which is quite faster stays around 3,100-6,500 RPM. After all, you can use this sander for almost every type of material credit goes to its powerful motor and variable speed setting.

A thing that impressed me most is its user-friendliness design. It doesn’t require a professional to operate it. Just by reading the manual, you will be able to handle most of the projects. To get the hang of it all you need is just a little bit of practice.

Especially, when you are working inside the house you may make a great mess while removing paint with a sander. But in this case, this sander stands out of the crowd, as it comes with a passive dust collector system that needs a vacuum cleaner and hoses.


  • Budget-Friendly
  • Two Different Modes
  • Money Back Guarantee


  • A vacuum cleaner is required;

4. Metabo HPT Belt Sander:

Product Specification

  • Manufacturer: Metabo HPT;
  • Model no:SB8V2;
  • Motor: 9 amp;
  • No-load speed: 820- 1,475FPM;
  • Batteries Required : No;
  • Weight: 9.5lbs;

The Metabo HPT Belt Sander comes with a 9.0 Amp powerful motor. You will get an impressive result even when you are dealing with the toughest material removal. It is suitable for wood, steel, and paint removal; its wear-resistant V-belt has increased its service life almost 2-times longer.

The corner sanding process has improved a lot because they replaced the dust bag on the left side of the tool. When it comes to dust collecting its capability is quite average compare to the sanders of this category.

This belt sander comes with a soft elastomer grip which will reduce the chance of getting fatigue while working for a long time. Sometimes we get to deal with issues such as sweaty hands and sander slipping off our hands. But this one’s texture and hand feel will help you in avoiding such issues.

It is known as one of the lightest belt sanders on the market as it weighs only 9.5 lbs. That makes it a real game-changer especially because the lightweight design makes it a lot user-friendly and helps you to avoid getting fatigued when working for a long time. The V-belt system will keep the belt in good condition for a long time.

 Another amazing feature of this sander is you will have a clear view of the surface through its tracking window. This will give you a great advantage to get an excellent finishing. It is undoubtedly a great product compare to its value for money.


  • Powerful Motor
  • Budget-Friendly
  • Comfortable Grip
  • Tracking Window Feature


  • Overheating Issue;


Product Specification

  • Manufacturer: Festool;
  • Model no: 575026;
  • Motor: 2.6 amp;
  • No-load speed: 6,000- 10,500 OPM;
  • Batteries Required : No;
  • Weight: 9.8lbs;

When it comes to painting 2 key things becomes our concern. The first one is a good dust collector and the second one is a powerful sander. And the ETS 150/3 EQ comes with both of these including some other great features.

Its sander pad is quite eccentric in action with minimal vibration for amazing working results. It is suitable for sanding wood, fine finishing, paint, varnish, and plastic. A powerful 3 mm sanding stroke will provide you with an excellent surface quality thumbs up to the MMC electronics.

The sanding pad brake feature will give you great control over the speed. So, it will become a lot easier for you to choose your required speed that suits your need. And it is equipped with dual bearings which make them very durable.

It doesn’t matter whether you are dealing with horizontal, vertical, or overhead it can just get along with all the hand movements. And the combination of soft grip and ergonomic rod handle makes sure of that.

A Multi-Jetstream 2 pad will give you an excellent dust protection system. It works using intake air and exhaust air to produce airflow which transports the sanding dust away from the pad’s surface.

 All in all, this machine is an all-rounder for you. Some of its feature that impressed us most is its infinite speed-adjustment, extremely smooth running and the safe sanding pad brake. We would highly recommend this one.


  • Overload Protection
  • Promising Warranty
  • User-Friendly Design
  • Ultra Durable


  • A bit heavy;

Buying Guide of Sander For Removing Paint

Removing paint from any material could get really tough to process. But you can easily finish the task when you have the right device. To select the right sander for you it is important to know the features of some common sanders in the market. Let’s get to know them in detail:


A powerful sander is needed if you want to remove paint. So, before purchasing your sander have a look at its Amps and make sure it is powerful enough to do your project. Try to get the sander with at least 6 Amps of power for your paint removing job. These sorts of sanders are quite durable and powerful enough to perform a heavy-duty task.


Before buying your sander for the paint removing task, be sure that it comes with a variable speed feature. Because this feature will allow you to have good control over the sander even if you are dealing with a flat surface.

Speed Lock

In the orbital sander, you will get a speed lock feature that will allow you to hold the sander while keeping your attention on your project. Be noted that you have to lock the sander at its highest speed.

Dust Collecting System

You should confirm first that the sander you selected has good dust collecting feature. I’m sure you won’t appreciate a sander which will just blow dust and paint all over your workplace. So, be sure that it comes with a quality dust collecting feature.


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Is safety equipment necessary?

Yes, of course. Before you start sanding you must make sure that you have the proper safety equipment. Most importantly, be sure that you have heavy-duty goggles and a face mask. They will keep your eyes safe from the dust and your respiratory system from the toxic contents.

What are the things required before sanding?

In general, you may get started as soon as you get your equipment ready. However, some experts suggest that you should check your sample of the paint to a testing lab if possible or local hardware store. Just to make sure that it does not contain lead.

Why is orbital sander a better choice?

 Orbital sander has a square pad which moves constantly in an orbital motion to sand the surface smoothly and slowly. One of its notable benefits is its ability to sand into corners. Compare to other sanders out there in the market it will give you a much smoother finishing.

Final Words:

When it comes to choosing the right sander for your project you should focus on its user-friendliness, efficiency, and safety. After all, you need a sander that will give you great efficiency, safety, and a hustle-free experience.

We have mentioned some of the best sanders you will find out there in the market for your project. Depending on your requirement you can choose one of them without any hesitation.

We believe our article will help you to find the best sander out there. And wish you the best of luck with your sander. Godspeed!