5 Best Sander For Cabinets 2020 – Reviews And Buying Guides With FAQ`S


When it comes to buying the right sander for your cabinet I know it’s quite tough to find the one you need. The mistake often people make is that they confuse the kitchen cabinet with other cabinets in their house.

To be honest kitchen cabinet is one of the toughest ones to sand. Because it has got some hard spots to reach and the scariest part is people tend to ruin it by over sanding.

To deal with the condition, we are going to help you to find out  5 best sanders for cabinets. They have a good reputation as some of the best sanders for cabinets on the market. In general, users tend to use the DIY method when remodeling.

That’s why; we are going to provide you with some helpful tips and guidelines. And after reading this article the beginners and homeowners will find no issue when it comes to choosing the right one for their use and will also get to know how to use it properly. So, shall we begin?

1. Festool 574993 ETS 125 REQ-Plus Random Orbital Sander


  • Model No: ETS 125 REQ-Plus;
  • Motor: 2.0 amp;
  • No-load speed: 6000-12000 RPM;
  • Weight: 2.4 lbs;
  • Arrives with Festool PROTECTOR, long-life dust bag, StickFix soft sander backing pad for ETS 125 Sander, D125 etc.

When you are staining a polished wood and then start to notice all the whirl marks forming on the surface which was not there previously. The same annoying occurrence is not going to occur with the ETS 125 REQ-Plus from Festool.

And the catch here is this sander has a smaller stroke which ensures a whirl-free finish on the wood. Festool 574993 sander is absolutely amazing with all its user-friendly features. If you are looking for the best this is the one you should pick.

You won’t find any of those annoying marks even after the staining because of its 5/64″ (2.0 mm) stroke and sandpaper of 80 to 120 grits. And this is what convinced me to choose this one over any other.

This is one of the lightest sanders you will find on the market weighs only 2 pounds. So, whether it’s about vertical sanding or overboard sanding you will not have to get stressed out at all. Depending on your requirement you can set the speed from aggressive to tender by rotating the regulator in a scale of 1-6.

It is built with some of the high-end materials available on the market, so you will have to sacrifice a few bucks. When giving a trial to this one, to be honest I could not find any issue. The price is quite high but it’s worth it. I will recommend it for the professionals out there.


  • Ultra durable
  • Low vibration and noise
  • Lightweight
  • Whirl free finish


  • Pricey

2. Bosch ROS20VSC Palm Sander


  • Model No: ROS20VSC;
  • Motor: 2.5 amp;
  • No-load speed: 7,500-12,000 OPM;
  • Weight: 3.5 lbs;
  • Random orbit sander, sanding disc, carrying bag, vacuum hose adapter, etc.

The Bosch ROS20VSC Palm Sander comes up with fast removal and a well-blended feature. It has got an ultra-smooth finish which is going to offer the woodworkers and finish carpenters quick and imperious standards.

The ugly whirl marks on the workpiece are gone for good. The integral pad dampening system is going to take care of it well. One of its most amazing features is while using it the hook-and-loop disc attachment is going to make sure a firm grip on the disc.

As a user, a comforting thing you will find while working with it is its microcellular backing pad system. Whether it comes to working on a flat or contoured surface you will be able to get a smooth and fine finish.

Working with this sander is less labor-intense because of its amazing soft grip and multiple positions to keep your hand relaxed and steady. The speed control system is top-notch; this tool offers multiple speed control from 7,500 and 12,000 OPM which ensures the speed match to the task.

Your work is going to be cleaner and safer because this sander has got a dust canister, dust level indicator, and an anti-spillback system that keeps dust moving away from the sander.

It’s much cheaper than a Makita sander however performs almost alike. When it comes to power efficiency this sander stands out of the crowd because of its variable speed functionality. So, this is a must-have sander for beginners or professionals.


  • 2.5 Amp Motor
  • Ambient Dust Removal
  • Soft and Steady Grip
  • Low vibration Use
  • Budget Friendly
  • Prevents whirl marks
  • Modern power adjustment


  • No cons



  • Model No: DWE6423K;
  • Motor: 3.0 Amp
  • No-load speed: 8000-12000 OPM
  • Weight: 4 lbs;
  • Comes with DWE6423 sander, dust bag, carrying bag, warranty card, etc.

When it comes to short or medium projects none can beat the quality and affordability of Dewalt DWE6423K sander. For medium projects, its dust bag is undoubtedly the perfect choice. It may even come useful for projects such as the renovation of cabinets, etc.

The vibration will be a lot less because of its separate counterweight and the rubber over-molded grip will ensure comfortable sanding. The user will be able to get closer to the work surface. And to aid the proper functioning of the dust collector a one-handed locking dust bag has been added.

It has an improved dust-sealed switch to protect it from dust ingestion and to make sure of its longevity. Most of the dust collectors are going to require an adapter to fit in this model however if you use the DWV010 dust collector with this machine you will not need that extra adapter.

To decrease the downtime of changing papers time and again the speed variable system is going to come in handy. The powerful motor is will execute the sanding promptly. It has an improved dust-sealed switch to protect it from dust ingestion and to make sure of its longevity.

There’s no issue if you are still in confusion you can just go for it and its long warranty is going to provide your assurance. You will certainly be spending your money on a safe purchase.


  • 3.0 Amp Powerful Motor Spins
  • Long Warranty
  • Reasonable Price
  • Without any extra adapter compatible to some dust collectors


  • Requires an adapter to fit shop vac

4. Makita BO4556 2 Amp Finishing Sander


  • Model No: BO4556;
  • Motor: 2.0 amp;
  • No-load speed: 8000-14000 OPM;
  • Weight: 2.5 lbs;
  • Comes with dust bag, abrasive paper, and punch plate.

The Makita BO4556 is a budget-friendly sander that comes with some amazing features. You will not have to worry about the quality and performance of it as it is launched by Makita. The paper installing and uninstalling is simpler with this model because its clams are much larger now.

It’s quite expected that you are not going to get the most powerful motor available on the market with it. The power of the inductive motor is only 2.0 Amps.

This sander has a ball bearing mechanism which is going to make sure that the vibrations do not reach to the base to get an efficient and comfortable sanding. Though it has a less powerful motor still it is capable of sanding low-density objects such as wood.

The palm grip finishing center feels quite comfortable in the hand. What makes it a great user-friendly machine is that you can just operate it singlehandedly. The elastomer coating on the palm rest area makes it a lot easier and comfortable to hold for a long period without getting any fatigue.

I was pretty satisfied with the dust collection tool but here I will not give you any assurance of the same experience. Because it’s built-in dust collection is not comparable to the shop vac. However, I do not see any issue with choosing Makita sander as it is covered by a good guarantee.


  • All-Ball-Bearing Construction
  • High Speed
  • Simple Paper Adjustment Process
  • Budget Friendly
  • Covered by Good Guarantee


  • No Variable Speed

5. BLACK+DECKER Mouse Detail Sander


  • Model No: BDEMS600;
  • Motor: 1.2 amp;
  • Pad Size: Detail Sheet
  • Weight: 2.8lbs;
  • Comes withBDEMS600 Mouse Sander, Sheets Sand Paper and Detail Finger Attachment

Black+ Decker is extremely suitable to fit into tight spaces. While you work to provide versatility this sanders features a three-position grip which also ensures user comfort. To keep your workplace clean its high-performance dust collector will be very helpful;

Its interchangeable detail finger makes it a perfect choice for small surfaces. Paper changing is quite a user friendly with this sander because of the hook and loop system.

They did a good job on making the dust collector very effective by using micro-filtration. It is a perfect sander for refinishing objects like furniture and intricate projects also for accessing smaller and tighter surfaces or crafting projects.

As you can see the motor is not as powerful as the ones I have described above. So it’s expected that you will have to deal with some motor issues. However, it’s not that noticeable or work hampering to be honest. The vibration is quite minimal.


  • Compact Size
  • Comfortable Finger Attachment
  • Good Grip for Control
  • High Performance Dust Collector


  • Durability Issue

Features to consider when choosing a sander for your cabinet:

Sanding is not that easy all the time and for this reason, you should always have the required tool so that you may get your expected results. Choosing the wrong sander can lead you in the wrong direction unknowingly.

You cannot treat kitchen cabinets like other cabinets. To keep the inside bug-free and to have a bit extra space kitchen cabinets have got the air-tight feature.

If you do not follow the proper procedure while sanding you may just ruin the air-tight feature. And I’m sure you do not want that or do you? I guess the answer is no, of course not. So the simple solution here is to have a solid idea about sanders’ basic features. So, let’s get started.

Weight and Size

You will not find kitchen cabinets with similar sizes and here’s the deal size matter here. While you are sanding a kitchen cabinet you will have to reach the corners and the inner side.

It’s not possible with every sander on the market. When dealing with corners small sanders are the right choice but as they are small in size which explains that it’s going to consume a lot of time to finish the project. So a medium-sized sander will solve the problem here.

When you are working on cabinets you should pick a lightweight sander. As you are going to have to hold the sander for a long time while standing vertically; a heavy sander will bring fatigue and turn the total project a lot more stressful.

Variable Speed Sanders

There are many kinds of sanders out there on the market. Among them, some come up with variable speed and some don’t. It’s not a mandatory feature that a sander should have but it solves a lot of issues while sanding especially the kitchen cabinet. You will not have to switch different sandpapers often you can just simply solve it by regulating the speed.

Purchasing a sander with a variable speed feature will help you to sand different materials using the same sander. Up above the sanders we have recommended for you have variable speed feature. Yeah, they may not come cheap but they are worth the cash you are going to spend.


Power is the most crucial factor when buying the right sander for your project. Before purchasing one you should get a look at the motor specifics to know the motor power of that sander.

Generally, the power of the motor is calibrated in amps; when you will have a look at the motor specifics you will see numbers such as 2.8 Amp, 3.0 Amp, and so on. If you notice the motor specifically says this motor has 2.0 Amp, 1.5 Amp that explains it’s a low powered motor.

The ideal amount of power you are going to need when working with the cabinet is 2.5Amp +. You may have noticed that in our 5 best sanders for cabinets list we have mentioned only those sanders which motors have at least a power of 2.5 Amp. But before buying one just remember that it’s not like that the power of the motor signifies the quality of that motor.

Dust Collections System:

If you have ever done sanding you must know that sanding brings a lot of dust. I suppose you would not want to inhale those. Dust is quite harmful for your health. The good this is most of the sanders has a dust collecting feature which takes care of getting rid of the dust it creates.

I would suggest getting one that has this feature and also has a slot to add another vacuum. There are some sanders out there on the market that comes up with a micro-filter system that helps to get rid of even the tiniest dust.

So, whenever you notice that the sender does not have dust collecting feature that’s the red flag. I would warn you to not go for that one. I repeat, do not go for that one.


What sander I should pick for my kitchen cabinet?

I would say that for the kitchen cabinet the random orbit sander is the right one. It has the finest finish and also easier to control. It will surely leave your wood with a glossy look.

How do I sand my cabinet fast?

Using the random orbit sander will boost your sanding process like a rocket engine. And remember before using an electric sander that you must it with 180 grit sandpaper. To deliver you the fastest sanding it has a speed of up to 12,000 OPM.

How can I get a smooth finish on kitchen cabinet?

To get the smoothest finish I would recommend you getting a great sander. To get the smoothest finish you should sand the surface couple of times. Use a random orbit sander and 100-grit sandpaper when sanding the cabinet. For the corners get a sanding sponge.

Do the finishing with a sanding paper or sanding sponge. I can assure you a smooth finishing if you can also make sure to sand alongside the grain of the wood.

Final Thoughts:

The process of DIY can be a bit difficult if you do not know the proper procedure and also if you lack the proper tools. The best solution here is to get the right tools for your project and do a bit of research about it before starting. In case if you do not have good knowledge about it.

Sanding your own cabinets for the first time is surely challenging. There will be no room for mistakes and your skill will talk when it will come to take a look at your kitchen. So, you must loom larger when picking up the sander for your cabinet project.

We have crossed an ocean for you to give some bona fide information about the best sanders for cabinets now the table has turned it’s your turn to pick the one you need.