Top 9 Best Drywall Sander Review 2022 | Buying Guide With FAQ

Doesn’t it feel great sitting in your home surrounded by colorful walls? Yeah, it does. But before you start applying your favorite paints on walls, you’ve to sand the plasters from the walls pretty well.

Your sweat is rolling down your forehead, we can see that! We know how frustrating and mind-numbing task it is to rub against the wall rigorously for hours for sanding. The worst happens when you get to see that the plasters didn’t get smooth enough, yet!

However, this is the most important prior process of painting. Now, since we can’t avoid this process of sanding drywall, we bring to you the best drywall sander to minimize your exertions during the process.

Top 9 Best Drywall Sander Review

We sought help from the experts before inputting our products for you. Not only that we checked out the reviews but also tested each one of them. Though it wasn’t an easy task but it’s worth, since our aim to reduce your trouble. So, glide into our efforts to get yourself an efficient drywall sander!

1. FestoolPlanex LHS 225 Drywall Sander


  • 120v Power Consumption
  • Double Speed Gear
  • Double Lengths
  •  255mm pad size

Drywall sanding seems to be a messy work with huge labor. But not anymore, thanks to our modern tech for making our works easier and time-saving. However, FestoolPlanex does this on another level with its workaholic specs and becomes a game-changer in this industry.

FestoolPlanex LHS 225, with its explanatory less power consuming tech, gives you a joyful work experience consuming only 500 watts 4.2 amps, 120 volt AC. It provides you a gentle efficiency of drywall cleaning with its variable 310-920 RPM speed.

LHS 225 comes up with double-speed gear that offers you less time-consuming, fast, and efficient material removal from the wall. Plus, it gets you closer to wall and ceiling cleaning with an easy-to-operate sander. An add-on of CT-36 dust extractor gets you a dust-free wall sanding. 

Also, Festool with this sander offers you an extendable handle. By which you can get double the length than the regular one. So, it’s time to enjoy and touch your limit of heights. With the extension, it gets you 5.2ft workable length and without extension 3.6ft length.

Plus, a wider pad size of this sander helps you to get an efficient sanding reducing your time cost with longer life of the pad. The 255mm circumference sander pad covers the extra area and reduces your cost with its less expensive abrasive pad. A joyous drywall sanding can be achieved with this one. 


  • Expandable
  • Easy to Use
  • Time-Saving
  • Portable


  • A bit Weighty

2. Porter Cable 7800 Drywall Sander


  • Variable-speed Dial
  • Skirt Type Brush
  • Opposite End Motor Location
  • 13-feet Long Hose

Porter Cable, a renowned brand in the industry of home appliances and cleaning materials. Porter Cable always offers its best in this regard and becomes consumers’ fav one. When it comes to innovation and user-friendly specs, Porter Cable always comes up.

From now on, you don’t have to be worried about the static speed of the drywall sander when you have Porter Cable 7800. It gets you known to the variable speed dialer ranging 1400-2000 Rpm. Likewise, it makes your wall and ceiling sanding faster as well as easier with its 120v, 60 HZ, 4.7 amp AC power consumption.

Unlike others, Porter Cable 7800 comes up with a skirt-type brush that offers you stress-free wall sanding, preventing wall joints from wringing and helps in dust cleaning. Therefore, it gets your jobs done in time leaving no dust behind and a healthy wall joint.

Porter Cable, with its innovation, brilliantly locates its motor at the opposite end of the handle and gets you the better control and comfort of working. Plus, this design helps your hand to be steady during the working period.

Plus, Porter Cable offers you a 13ft long hose pipe for wide-area mobility and a one-set-up sanding. So, it takes less time working since it provides ¼” vacuum hose. In the meantime, you’ve finished with your random setting up worries of sander for sanding large areas.


  • Transportability
  • Steady in Uses
  • Workaholic
  • Fast Cleaner


  • Consumes Much Power

3. Aleko 690E Drywall Sander​


  • 110v Power Consumption
  • Telescopic Handle
  • Adjustable Speed
  • Vacuum Compatibility

Sanding works become tougher without a workaholic sander. With a perfect sander, you can polish your wall and ceiling without any hassles. Perhaps, your wall and ceiling look much elegant and smoother costing less and recurring less effort.  

Aleko with its 690E model provides you heavy-duty and powerful sander to clean up your floors, ceilings, and walls efficiently. So, take breathe and start polishing your walls at less effort without sweating much. Aleko 690E consumes only 600 watts, 110v, and runs at 60 Hz.

Plus, 690E comes up with a telescopic handle that provides you extra length whenever it requires. Without extension 43 inches and with a telescopic handle it extends to 65 inches. However, with this one, you can turn your hard-to-reach area into an easy to reach and can have your jobs done easily.

Similarly, it provides you to set your required speed for your project with its adjustable speed dialer. So, take control over your sander speed as per your needs and get it done conventionally. You can adjust its speed from 1000 to 2000 RPM.

 Moreover, an Alkeo sander gets you the best of sanding efficiency with its vacuum compatibility. It lets you have a clean and dust-free working area by hooking up with a vacuum.


  • Portable
  • Expandable
  • Powerful
  • Easy to Operate


  • Better for Domestic Uses

4. Wen 6369 Drywall Sander


  • 360˚ Pivot Head
  • Automatic Dust Removal
  • Hook-and-Loop Base Pad
  • Variable Speed Motor

Many people’s work can be done with a single machine. Obviously, we’re thankful for our modern tech. The advancement of science and technology makes our life not only stress-free but also time-saving. So, the drywall sander does it to us incurring less time rendering much work done.   

Wen 6369’s remarkable 360˚ pivot head offers you the most effective way of working. Its automatic adjustability provides you the better suction and sanding in every direction. So, it doesn’t occur your unnecessary movements like sitting down or kneel down to get your jobs done rather offers an easy and elegant way of ease during sanding.

Automatic dust removal technology of this model gets you out of a messy workplace while sanding your walls and ceilings. However, its 15 feet automatic dust removal hose mounts up your transportability to cover the large area during work and offers you neat and clean worksite.

Besides, hook-and-loop base pad bids adieu to your worries of switching grit discs during works. Unlike others, this feature lets you switch between its 6 included combinations of grits discs. Each disc is of 9 diameters.

 Moreover, Wen with this model expands your sanding ability depending on your needs and project size. You can set your speed from 600 to 1500 RPM with its 5amp power motor. You can have your jobs done with speed motor swiftly and accurately.


  • Dust-free
  • Durable
  • Expandable
  • Workaholic


  • A bit Heavy

5. Orion Motor Tech Swivel Head Drywall Sander


  • ​Swivel Head
  • Integrated Vacuum
  • Led Light
  • Extendable Handle
  • Removable Base edge

Orion is a popular name in the cleaning material manufacturing industry. It becomes popular due to its innovation in this field with customer safety and spectacular useful features. Drywall sanding is often related to messy and dirty working as it extracts dust.

Orion with this model comes up with a 9 inches swivel head up to 90-degree which is able to adjust automatically in every direction. So, you become able to enjoy the ultimate joy of working without wasting your time.

Plus, Orion through its innovation gets you a tidier workstation as it provides you an integrated vacuum system. So, it keeps you away from the hassles of buying a new vacuum to make your sanding area clean.

Besides, you can do better sanding from now on as Orion is engineered with double LED lights to make your sight clear in messy, dusty, and smoky situations. Also, it gets you the extendable handle to enlarge your work length. With its aluminum alloy extension adjuster, you can have a 6.8ft extra length.

 For edge cleaning at hard-to-reach areas, it delivers the detachable brush segment which offers you easy cleaning at up to edge or perpendicular positions. However, you can adjust your speed with its 5-speed regulator 800-1900 RPM and you can lock the speed only by pushing its lock button. You can have longer sander life than others in the market.


  • Power Adjustable
  • Sturdy
  • High Performance
  • Leaves no Dust


  • Motor Speed Could be Raised

6. Tacklife Drywall Sander


  • ​6.7amp Motor
  • Automatic Vacuum
  • Adjustable Angle and Variable
  • Removable Bottom

Sanding is necessary to make your wall, ceiling, and floor polish and clean. On the other hand, sanding equips floor residue cleaning, paint coating, and loose plaster cleaning. Prior to tech sander, this work required much time and worker but one can make the same.

Tacklife drywall sander with its 6.7 amp motor offers you the ultimate power and speed. With the help of this unit, you can easily grind your interior, exterior, and ceiling.

Tecklife with this model lets you enjoy a tidy worksite as it offers you an automatic vacuum system. So, say tata to your duct and other smoky materials. It comes up with a 6.5ft dust extraction hose along with LED light set up that gets you clear vision and reduces cleaning works.

Besides, its 6 different variable speeds 500-1800 RPM gets you stability and work diversion with its adjustable angle direction along with 9-diameter sanding pads. You’re able to work on one setup.

Removable bottom tech in sanding provides the speed of edge cleaning and perpendicular sanding. Plus, Tecklife has put a steel ball at the bottom of the plate for making friction reduced and offers you a convenient working experience.


  • Mess Cleaning
  • Brighter in Dark Situations
  • Sturdy
  • High Performance


  • A bit Heavy.

7. Zeny Drywall Sander


  • ​High Speed
  • Detachable Brush
  • Hose Pipe
  • Hook and Loop Sanding Discs

Various designs are available in the market for sanding works. Amongst these, work-worthy features and specs can reduce your workload and lessen your time expenses. A good sander can be your true partner in sanding. So, look before you leap.

In sanding jobs, motor speed does matter since it gets your work done in time and gives you many relaxing hours. Zeny, with this model, comes up with 800W high-speed motor which produces enough dynamic power to get your jobs done with a variable speed of 1000-2000 RPM.

Besides, a detachable brush plate gets you easy edge cleaning and expands your perpendicular cleaning cool. No worries, bottom removal tech provides you reduced friction and makes a longer sander life with efficiency.

To keep you away from the dusty and untidy areas, Zeny offers you a great hose pipe to vacuum its mess. Besides, its rubberized handle design and thumb switch get you easy to operate comfy along with ergonomic design. Rather, it makes your DIY works comfy and cool.

Likewise, hook and loop sand discs are designed to switch instantly with an easier process along with its 9 diameters 6 sand discs. However, Zeny with this model offers you a compact package of sanding works and comes up with 58 inches length.


  • Portable
  • Sturdy
  • High Power
  • Workaholic


  • Substantial in Nature

8. ALEKO DP-3000 Drywall Sander


  • Adjustable Speed
  • LED Lights
  • Hose Pipe
  • Vacuum Compatibility

A messy work can be turned into a tidy one. Thanks to our modern tech, continuous innovation and tireless research of scientists made this happen within our blinks. Aleko always designs its workaholic devices and offers to the consumer level for greater satisfaction and ease of work.

DP-3000 drywall sander lets you set your desired speed regarding your needs within its variable adjustable speed of 800 to 1700 RPM. It consumes less power 710 watts, 110v, at 60Hz. Therefore, it offers you easy sanding to sand your walls and ceilings.

Plus, this DP-3000 comes up with an LED light facility to support you in darker and low-light situations. Actually, from now on you don’t need to stop your work due to low light or darker environments. So, steer up your sanding easily and swiftly.

Aleko DP-3000 with its longer hosepipe gets the dust out of your eye-sight and gives you easier movement to cover longer areas. You can grind your interior or exterior on one setup.

 Plus, DP-3000 is compatible with vacuum, you can either use a regular shop vac or Aleko’s own vac to make your worksite neat and clean. Though it supports an automated vacuum, it’s a bit dizzy.


  • Durable
  • Powerful
  • Easy to Operate
  • Portable


  • Heavy.
  • Becomes a bit overheated

9. CubeWay Drywall Vacuum Sander


  • Expandable and Collapsible Design
  • Powerful Motor
  • Automated Vacuum
  • Ergonomic Handle

Sanding works required a lot of people and collaboration among them. But now, it requires less effort of doing the task and the best drywall sander to do the job in time. You can make more leisure time besides sanding your walls and ceilings.

CubeWay washes away your worries regarding grinding works. It comes with an expandable and collapsible design as well as makes your reach higher and comfy up to 6.2ft. Plus, it offers you hook and loop pad design for switching sandpaper at a blinking speed.

Also, this model offers you a powerful motor to speed up your works with many conveniences. Its 6.5amp motor is powerful enough and provides you variable speed ranging from 900 to 1800 RPM. And it gets you fine finish with rapid material removal.

Besides, it supports an automated vacuum to make your worksite from dirty and messy to clean and tidy one. Whatever, it comes up with a detachable brush segment and offers you the best performance of near-edge grinding by reducing your hand-sanding works.

 For better traction in holding the handle, it offers you an ergonomic design and gets your jobs done faster with less fatigue. So, from now on you can enjoy a soothing experience while sanding upper walls


  • Comfy
  • Sturdy
  • High Performance
  • Easy to Operate


  • A bit Smaller Hose

Buyers Guide:

Finding and picking the best match relates to some issues while you’re up for the market of the electric sanders. We suggest getting the quality match for your project. You can’t help but considering these facts while making a purchase decision of your sander. Let’s get known to these.

Motor Power and Speed:

While you’re up for the market, you should consider these two depending on your project needs. So, you should consider how massive your project is and then check for the motor power and speed.

Usually, motor power ranges from 4amp to 7 amp and so on. It’s beyond saying that the higher motor power gives a greater performance during drywall sanding.

Motor speed is often measured in RPM which is round per minute. For drywall sanders, Motor speed usually ranges from 310 to 3000 RPM. Higher motor speed gets you better performance of sander during sanding. No worries, you can adjust the speed with its variability of a regulator.

Hose Length:

Hose length gives you the portability feature of a sander. Since you know that almost every sander can be linked to a vacuum cleaner to make the worksite tidy and removes sanding dust instantly.

With greater hose length provides you the ease of working on a single setup while shorter hose length requires multiple setups to work on. Check and Double-check the hose length size of your desired one.

LED Lights:

Sanding works often creates smoky conditions and sometimes you need to work in low light or darker places. To shun these drawbacks and support your working more comfortably, some sander comes up with LED lights.

Lights give you the ease of working in low light and get your jobs done swiftly. LED lights offer your better vision without hassling much.

Extendable Handle:

You may find it harder during sanding the upper walls. Sometimes it gets you hard-to-reach areas and requires a secondary ladder to get rid of. With an extendable handle, you can easily reach the double of its lengths just by flicking a knob or switch.

Extendable handle converts your hard to reach areas into easy to reach and saves your time of setting up a ladder. Check your sander’s handle whether it is extendable or not. Another way, the ergonomic design of handles get you a better grip to grind on rough surfaces.

Other Accessories:

Unlike these, there remain some other accessories by which you can find your sander handy and comfy in using. Other accessories include sandpaper, hook and loop pad, dust collection bag, and others offered by the manufacturer.

These accessories differ the uses of the sander in works and make it handy during sanding ceilings or upper walls. Likely, swiveling heads occupy less effort in working and gets you easy to operate feature.


Why plaster is used for walls?

Plaster is used to coat, protect, and sometimes decorate internal walls and ceiling as well. A mixture of gypsum, cement or lime with sand and water creates plaster.

Is it possible to get killed by drywall dust?

Not instantly but eventually, yes! If you regularly breathe such harmful specks of dust for a prolonged time, they can cause serious life-endangering diseases to your lungs.

What kind of mask should I use for sanding?

Some recommend using 3M 8210 if you’re sanding wood. However, you had better use N95 which filtrate 95% of the particulate matter.

Wrapping Up!

Whether you’re a professional or just a regular guy randomly planning to sand the walls for a certain purpose, you shouldn’t go hard on yourself! We well-tried our utmost to hand over you the best drywall sander so at least you can knock off the slow and tedious sanding process by hand.

It doesn’t hurt when life is simple and easier, what hurts is the effort to make it simple. We took the hassle to make your life simpler, now the ball is in your court. We believe that you’ll found what suits you best Drywall Sander!

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